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Hey, I’m Vitali, nice to meet you :)

common space traveler

I'm just a space traveler, like yourself.

Actually, as of today, we have been sharing a spaceship for about 1,000,000,000 seconds (possibly less, but I’m also a programmer, we always ignore edge cases), so cheers!

Around my 19th trip around the sun, I found the “hacker ethic”, and decided to live by it. I must admit that I fail as often as I succeed, but that’s okay, I accept patches :)

During our last 12 trips around the sun, I was mostly busy moving bits around until they form a number that people find useful.

It’s a lot of fun, really!

So fun that I find myself thinking a lot about better methods for moving bits, and reading a lot of interesting ideas by other smart space travelers that happen to travel on the same spaceship with us ;)

I created this blog to share ideas about number editing, and ideas about ideas about number editing, hopefully, you will find some of the stuff here useful :)

Speaking of sharing…

Not All Who Wander Are Lost